Sunday, May 15, 2011


someday, i'll be sitting here to watch the stars with YOU when we're too old to scratch our back.Ü

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


though i'm taking my summer classes from 10 in the morning until 2:30 in the afternoon from monday to friday, i still want a glimpse and a feeling of a total summer vacation. despite  my busy schedules, i hope even a touch of it could be mine. kahit konti lang. 

so here's a list of what i am dying to have over the summer.

i've always loved doing stuffs with kids. like, we don't have to do anything but eat and play together the whole day. kung pwede lang nga bata pa rin ako like them. they only think of happy thoughts. walang problema, always happy-ever-afters lang. hayyy. i hope i had a whole day to play with kids. whoever gets a chance to read this, i'm taking free baby-sitting jobs.

a self-declared version ng pag-aalaga ng pets. 

Miss Wahbit, the Rabbit
  1. for 2-3 months, i mommy-ed Poochoo and Choochoo, my two baby hamsters. i cleaned and dried their cage and filled their food containers with new bits of sunflower seeds. but deds na sila kasi i didn't know they don't need much of cleaning, but since may pagka -OC ang mommy nila, apparently i do the cleaning job everyday. and for several times, i did bathe them. once a week ata yun. toinks ko di ba?
  2. i used to baby-sit Blu, my cousin's dog -an additional mommy-ing for me. since there was no one  to look after him, i had to the mommy-ing stuffs. he's always been super malambing but Coodie had been so jealous of him. Blu's enthusiasm to bark at someone who passes by our house was like no other. 
  3. i call our rabbit Miss Wahbit since babae siya. HAHA. actually, Dee's her name. super malambing din siya kagaya ni Blu. gusto niya palaging hinahawakan, yung tipong pampatulog niya ang touch mo. she likes eating green veggies, eh siyempre aside from carrots gulay naman talaga kinakain niya.:P
  4. Cliff, the new dog in the house. i mommy-ed Cliff for the first time and it was a total disaster though super fun pa rin. sobrang likot niyang paliguan. he likes running around as if naghahabulan kayo. sobrang kuliiiiit niya.
  5. Cliff, the askal
    Blu, the Maltese
    Coodie, my #1
  6. and of course, walang tatalo sa aking pinakamamahal na alaga. well, he was not just a pet, he was part of our family. he'd been our little brother for 6 years and 8 months. nakakamiss yung times na hinihintay niya ako sa pinto ng  bedroom hanggang matapos ako ang homework. kahit abutin siya ng antok sa may pinto hindi siya papasok hanggat di pa rin ako tapos. minsan nga, i had to tell him na susunod na lang ako kasi i was not even halfway done of my homework. there were times din na he slept beside me. who would have ever thought he likes it when i baby talk? HAHA. IMAMICUTCHIMOOMOO??basta sobrang miss ko na yun. loveyou cutchimoomoo.XD
hindi naman ako ganon kaadik magbasa. hmmmm. hindi talaga ako adik. pero once magbasa ako, basa talaga yun.
  1. i love to have my own copy of Leo Buscaglia's Living Loving and Learning (hiram lang kasi ang nasakin). kahit sira-sira or second hand, it is more than welcome. 
  2. Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts by Lucy Dillon
  3. The Truth about You by Melissa Hill
  4. Who's that Girl? by Alexandria Potter
  5. and books about kids -- ang cute kasi nila. 
2,3 & 4 are available at the National  Book Store. di lang kasi available ang money sa wallet ko. HAHA.XD

all-time favorites gummy worms and wafrets.
you can leave me sa isang corner kahit gummy worms and chocolate wafrets lang kasama ko. kahit siguro di mo na ako balikan, nasa pagkain naman attention ko. HAHA. kahit anong brand ng gummy worm kinakain ko, even yung a-5pesos sa peanut stalls. actually mas masarap pa nga yun sa yupi and trolly gummy worms. hehehe. XD

sleepover at Valle's.
miss ko na sila ng sobra sobra. 

road trip.
the usual friends' "alis-tayo", yung tipong di niyo alam where else to head. something that even your friends know na there's nowhere to go but still you are all enjoying the "saan-na-tayo-pupunta" moments. kahit it's like "we're lost", go pa rin kayo. saya nun, di ba?!

sumayaw at maligo sa ulan.
i'd much rather spend time watching the rain.

up-close and personal with Paul
kilig to the bones!
apparently, i'm crushing on Paul McDonald of American Idol 10. weeee! i super love it when he smiles. it's like lighting the whole stage with his kumukutikutitap na ngipin. hehehe. i get super kilig din when he sings. his unique voice ay parang bulong sa aking mga tenga na nagsasabing "your boyfriend will never now." HAHA.but he's out na. :( 
kaya nga, i want to get up-close and personal with him. parang counseling lang, like checking up on him, kung how he has been doing after the elimination. yung tipong, he can cry on my shoulder, kahit sipon ipunas niya pa. it's more than welcome.XD

free hugs and kisses for Nick.
cute, di ba?
i'm an avid fan of those can incredibly cook scrumptious delicacies. then after, i get to taste/eat mga niluto nila. mahilig din akong manuod ng cooking show. well, it's not for me to learn cooking, but masarap kasing tingnan mga pagkain.HAHA.
anyway, Nick is one of the cheflings of the Junior Master Chief Australia. he's so cute na gusto ko halos i-pinch ang cheeks kahit on screen lang. there are two things i love the most about Nick and definitely hope my future son would be blessed with those. (1) the way he speaks, parang may sipon palagi. you would really pay close attention to what he is saying. kasi gusto mong intindihin every word he utters. (2) see his picture? so cute and handsome, di ba? so do you know what makes him cute? eh di, yung big tooth niya in front. hindi nakakasawang tingnan, di ba? nakakatuwang tingnan kasi di pantay front teeth niya. hehehe. since nasa genes ko ang big front teeth, my son will surely and exactly have mine. HAHA. di ba, it's so sweeeeet and cuuuute? :)
kahit di siya na nakasali sa top 4, he'll forever on the top of my list.:)

do something extraordinary.
here we come Mr. Butanding!

Butanding Interaction
all i thought i would only have my pen and paper with me the whole summer. akalain mo bang i would have a chance to meet Mr. Butanding? for some, snorkeling may not be something extra-ordinary, but for me it was. since i really don't know how to swim, i got my lifevest on and did some kind of snorkeling which i didn't know anything about before. what made it really extra exciting was, i was less than a meter close to Mr. Butanding . and one thing good about it was, walang asthma attack na nangyari after. weeeeeeeeee. galing-galing ko na kasi magrelax sa water.

mid-air experience.
weeeeeeeeeeeeeee. UP UP and AWAY! 
making our way to Ligñon Hill

i'm SO freakin' tired na. this, so far, has been the most stressful summer ever! i'm sick and tired of the 30-minute lunch break, hindi man lang ako makapag-toothbrush after. hayyy. ang init din! i want a break. i would love a whole body massage. hayyyy. saraaaaaaaaaap.

wear something sexy.
since it's summer, i want to try something sexy even though i don't have the body. gusto ko mag-twopiece. HAHA. gusto ko maging babae this time kahit once lang. hehehe. pero hindi ata feasible, ang hirap kayang maging babae. nakaka-conscious masyado. in short, hindi ako sanay. toinks!

Thor, you make me sing Katy Perry's ET

i've just made my own twitter account. it's actually a good way to get things off my mind for awhile. it makes my world timeless but never lets me click off my school projects. masyadong kang selfish! you always want my attention. and you make me go gaga over Chris Hemsworth.

just a tweet back from Chris will definitely make the whole thing. haayyy.

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. sana it's not yet too late for a PicturePERFECTSummer

this was supposed to be posted a week after the Holy Week, but i could not find extra time to finish this.

Friday, March 18, 2011


MEcode can sometimes be a quiet mataray
a hard-as-a-rock manhid
a 3-year-old makulit
a queen-bee malambing 
and a melodramatic matampuhin.

ohhh, bad bad MEcode!
you've gone so moody again. 
better learn that not all  things always go as you plan and expect them to be.

then be nice next time [or better yet, don't do such things again].okay?


Sunday, February 27, 2011


Today FEBRUARY 27, 2011 

mooshi :D
kababalik q lng galing hospy
kumusta na tita?
hmm me apetite nmn xa recently. tpos nakakalbo na uli
ok naman me
mabuti naman ako.
buti naman may appetite na tita.:)
ilang gabi na ako la maayos na tulog.
gawa expt'l report.
yep nagpapadala nga ng mga fud sa mga friends nya hehe
ahh ganyan dn aq noon sa dlsu >,..,< tpos bare minimum lng naacomplish q sa lagay na un hays
kea ayaw q na bumalik sa comsci lols
gusto nmin pumunta rin jan kaso may pasok pa ako at dami requirements.
bakas convention namin sa legazpi kaya excused kami sa klse.:D
ah uu, pero uuwi ata si momy sa daet after ng radiation nya sa march
dun muna xa magpapalakas malapit na!YESSS!
uwi ka rin ha?!
end of march pa ata end of classes tpos magsusummer aq to make up sa paglipat school
pero uuwi dn cgro me, mga 1st week of march dating ni momy sa daet
text ka pag umuwi ka.kasi ill make sure magkikita na tayo.hehehe.XD

si yna rin e me summer
yey :3
busy ka?

gumagawa report hehe

o cge na.gawa ka muna report.
goodluck! :)
cg magout nga cgro me sa FB
distraction xa tlga :>>
pero d ikaw dami kc iba nagppm

o cge.salamat sa time.:)
ikaw bc dn?

ingat palagi.hugs.:)
di msyado.XD
thankies chat tau pag d aq busy or txt2 haha nung nagtxt ka kc wala aq load that day kea nagmsg nlng aq sa FB mo
ok prob! :)

kasi ang tamad ng prof kmi na halos ang nagtuturo
hnati ang class for reporting e nagkataon this week and last week aq lng reporter ng 2 chapter
kaya yan!
yep so far kinakarir q nmn >:D

dapat lang.hehehe.XD
mag rurun pala ako as 3rdyr rep sa department namin.haha!XD
wow sure aq mananalo ka haha famous ka nmn sa batch ntin xD

toinks!sa buong psych lang naman.:P
o cge na.gawa ka na ng report mo.:)
bawal na mag fb.:P
okies gdnyt let missya mwah

bye na! :P

3rd year JS Promenade 

Yna's Graduation Day

Valle's last visit
Valle's impake mode May 2010